What’s new with Hush?

April 24, 2020Edge v1.3.1

April 24, 2019Firefox v2.0.2
Chrome v1.3.0

May 23, 2017Chrome v1.2.0

  • Bookmarks importing now fixed on Chrome.
  • Hush Pro members (thanks ) can now share bookmarks as links that automatically expire after a set time – confidently prevent would-be snoopers of your chat history from seeing what's been shared. On expiry, all link data is deleted and purged from our server – just like that, they're gone!

March 19, 2017Chrome v1.1.2

  • Hush Pro members (thanks ) can now open all bookmarks in a folder at once.
  • On Chrome, clicking the Hush icon on a normal window will now prompt you to open an incognito window containing the Hush password entry page.
  • On Chrome, new incognito windows now open the Hush popup properly when you click the icon.

March 10, 2017Chrome v1.1.0

  • You can now sort your bookmarks! Move them up and down using the handle on the right.
  • Hush Pro members (thanks ) can import existing bookmarks directly from Chrome.
  • You can message support directly from the About page.

March 5, 2017Chrome v1.0.0

  • Many UI improvements throughout the entire app.
  • Hush Pro is here!
  • Access your Hush bookmarks from any device at hushbookmarks.com.
  • Create custom folders for your bookmarks under a single password.
  • Automated, encrypted backups so you never have to fear losing your links, even when you reinstall your browser.